Monday, July 20, 2009

Designer: Peter Jensen

An excerpt from
"Peter Jensen is a Danish born, London-based designer... His designs incorporate a celebratory approach to individuality, mischievous humour and an acute attention to detail... Jensen’s ‘muses’ have wildly ranged from the bird-like Sissy Spacek, or identity-teasing New York artist Cindy Sherman, to the magisterial Helena Rubinstein, or thoroughly disgraced Olympic ice-skater Tonya Harding (the latter even inspiring Jensen to present the collection at an ice rink, as a tongue in cheek tribute to her notorious antics)."
I'M SO IN LOVE WITH HIM! Plus, they don't mention how incredibly awesome his runway show programs are!
Check this out:
(From the program of his Spring 2008 runway show.)
"Dottie Hinkle is a Baltimore housewife. She keeps a perfect home but the crank calls of her psychotic neighbour are driving her to the edge of reason…"
There's more:
"Poor Taffy, the neglected daughter of ├╝bercriminal and beauty icon, Dawn Davenport, has never been allowed to grow up…"
He explains in each program the character whom he is basing his most current collection on, each one as bizarre as the next!


  1. love all these looks! :)

  2. Indeed, simplicity.
    I like how the look is a fashionable 60/70's house wifeish look, but with a edge that like alexa chung in away.

    I love the first dress by the way.