Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best Celebrity Closet

Oh the luxury of having a beautiful walk-in closet, overflowing with the most beautiful fabrics, in an array of colors, all waiting to be given their chance to shine... And to think of the many brilliant looks I could put together... I know it's materialistic, but I feel I could do great things with a closet like these! But cut me some slack, I'm a fashion major, I'm allowed to get a little obsessed with material objects... right? ;)

Paris Hilton's:

Why do I feel like Paris Hilton's closet is not normally this neat? Oh wait, she most likely has staff to do that for her... so she can be as messy as she wants to be, and not have to deal with the normal consequences of having to walk back into that mess when she wants something else... Nope, instead, the closet probably seems to magically be clutter free every time she sets foot inside... Oh to be an heiress...

Mariah Carey's: 

Mariah's closet holds more shoes than most upscale shoe boutiques... damn!
What I love most about this closet is how neat and orderly everything is, and how the simplicity of the room itself shows off the elegance of the shoes that it houses!