Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hairstyle trends, Summer 2012

Sleek, chic PONYTAILS:

Keep it classy and low-maintanance with a smoothly pulled back ponytail, a good way to keep cool and stay comfortable in the summer heat!

Pretty, pretty HEADBANDS:

A way to bring some extra pizzazz to any style this summer.  Help to keeps hair in place without too much fuss!


Whether wearing your hair down, in a low ponytail or bun, or whatever your style-of-the-day may be... a side part can be flattering and can add interest to your look.  I always find that a side part makes any look far less flat! 

Let your hair down in WAVES:

Save this look for cooler nights with less humidity if you're prone to frizz, but this look can be quite glamourous without too much prep time.  Use a bit of volumizing mousse, blow dry and then use a large barrel curling iron to add some very, very loose curls/waves toward the ends of your hair.

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