Thursday, March 15, 2012

My own styling: Preview of March 6th Photo Shoot

In my heart, I will always be first and foremost a stylist. I may have studied as a fashion designer, but in the end that simply enhances my skills as a stylist and broadens my connections within the fashion industry. I am more than thrilled to be getting back into the world of styling, which is where I feel I have always belonged.

I love to create magic by bringing together beautiful, strong, talented models, with the right photographer, the best garments and accessories I can get my hands on, and talented hair and makeup team.

On March 6th, I worked with a phenomenal team of people to create some exciting new images.

I was blessed to be working with the following people:
Matt Shields of Matt Shields Photography
Ashley Sexton and Deanna Warwick as the hair and makeup artists

We had some incredible garments by the following local designers:

Evan Michael of Evan Michael Industry
Marcel Plante
Susan Shian
Danielle Gentile
Ellen Dilisio
Janfrevic Lujares
Annie Basile
Rei Lee

I couldn't have done it without my little team of fashion assistants:
Cavalyn Galano
Rei Lee

We were honored to work with the following talented models:

Abigael Brady
Rosemary Quinlan
Sarah Casto
Stacie Waleyko

Here is a look at a few of the images we came out with:

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