Saturday, August 28, 2010

The summer has ended and it's back to school I go. I've made the move from Brooklyn back to Boston and am doing my best to mentally prepare myself for another semester of school to begin.

I'm anxious to get started and can feel the creative energy pushing to get out! Already my mind wants to make the designs for every assignment that I know is to come in the coming weeks/months. We will have to create a collection including swimwear, bridalwear, an evening look, one ready to wear look as well as one costume garment.

So of course my mind has been spinning with ideas for each item that I will soon begin to create. I've looked through fabric stores and picked up swatches along the way just to get an idea of what's out there!

As far as actualy visual inspiration, I've also began to gather a few images to consider a few different directions which each garment could go in.

Possible inspiration for an evening look:

Possible inspiration for ready to wear:

Possible inspiration for bridal wear:


  1. Hang in there Nicole and sooner then later your dreams in the fashion industry will be BIG.